fread problem

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    fread problem

    I am having problem reading file using fread.
    I was looking at emule code in which at certain point it read a file server.met
    using fread.
    I copied that code and build simple VC++ application to see its effect.
    When ever i run this code in VC++6 the 1) displays 24 which is right but
    2) displays 16908288, may be garbage value (It should be 12 as when i
    compile and run actual application 4m which i copied it diplays 24 and then 12).

    I ran the code using Borland c ver 3 and it diplays the correct value 24 and
    and then 12.

    So why i am getting 24 and then 16908288(instead of 12)
    The file server.met can be downloded 4m
                   struct ServerMet_Struct {
    	unsigned char	ip[4];
    	unsigned short	port;
    	unsigned int tagcount;
        	FILE* servermet = fopen("server.met", "rb");
                     unsigned int fservercount;
                    char buff[10];
      1)           AfxMessageBox(buff);     //or cout<<buff;
    	ServerMet_Struct sbuffer;	
      2)	AfxMessageBox(buff);  // or cout<<buff;

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    check out the actual parameters of fread.


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    The code is 100% same 4m actual coder. I have double checked it.

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    Your server.met does not contain PG-13 type material -- don't do that.

    Are you aware that structures may be padded?
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    Thanks very much

    Thanks very much

    I was dissappointed first and start checking project setting where
    i find compiler options. My one was not using /Zp1 /wd4200
    switches which i think were need for alignment and padding of

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