referring to a[-1],a[len]

This is a discussion on referring to a[-1],a[len] within the C Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; take this function Code: /* this checks if t is at the end of s*/ int mystrend(char* s,char* t){ int ...

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    referring to a[-1],a[len]

    take this function
    /* this checks if t is at the end of s*/
    int mystrend(char* s,char* t){
        int l1 = strlen(s);
        int l2 = strlen(t);
        if(l2 > l1) return 0;
        s = s + l1 - 1;
        t = t + l2 - 1;
    	if(*s-- != *t--)
    	    return 0;
        return 1;
    in case of passing empty strings i make s = s -1; i won't be using the values or writing to these locations.

    i heard that it is fine to refer to these (one less and one more) , am i correct ? Please explain.

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    Why don't you simply rewrite your function to check for null pointers and empty strings? You can only refer to the place after valid array elements to compare its address. I believe pointing before memory allocated, even for address comparison, even to check against null, creates in effect an invalid pointer, which means anything you do to it is undefined behavior. (IE: Bad.) You are only allowed to check the address of an array / block of memory for "one past". Nothing more. IE:
    int array[ 5 ];
    int *ptr = array;
    if( ptr < array + 5 ) /* Ok. */
    if( ptr < array + 6 ) /* Not ok. */
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    Rather than the while loop, just have

    return strcmp( s+l1-l2, t ) == 0;
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