Passing arguments between functions

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    Passing arguments between functions

    I'm trying to take 2 filenames as arguments in my C program, then pass the second argument to another function, which does nothing to it but then passes it on to another function.

    I'm starting the program using

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    Passing it to another function with

    which takes it...

    f1(char *argv[]
    passing it to another function with

    which collects it with

    f2(char *argv[])

    When I try and compile, it says I'm passing an incompatible pointer type. What am I doing wrong?

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    No idea - perhaps you don't prototype your functions.

    Post some actual code you compiled, not random lines.
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    Can you post something we can actually compile to see your problem? Also, what compiler are you using and on what OS?
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    I take it you mean
    >progname filename1 filename2

    filename1 is argv[1]
    filename2 is argv[2]

    pass them as pointers
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    If you use
    Then f1()'s prototype would look something like this:
    void f1(char *filename);

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