Linear list

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    Linear list

    I must create a program which sorts linear list. The list must be implemented as a pointer list, which holds the strings. Sorting must be ascending (in alphabetic order).

    struct list{
    char string[100]; //the value part of the list
    struct list *p_next; //a pointer to the next element of the list
    int main() {
    struct list *p_start; //a pointer which points at the start of the list
    p_start=add(p_start,"Life sucks!");
    p_start=add(p_start,"Programming can be hard!");
    p_start=add(p_start,"Nothing to say here");
    return 0;
    void print_list(struct list *p_start){ //a method to printout the list
    struct list *add(struct list *p_start,char added_value[])
      int *q;
       q=(struct list*)malloc(sizeof(struct list));//must create a pointer on that new element of the list
    Now in the above code I tried to just make some list of strings without sorting them, and each time I add a string I add it at the beginning. I get a few errors. Any help would be great. And suggestions how to sort the list too.

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    Hey there, try taking a look here..
    - Daniel Wallace

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