newbie array help

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    newbie array help

    Bah learning c here and I have trouble using arrays. very tricky for me.
    How is this code can I get an array to make a table of rows and columns being the same number as inputted by the user:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
    	int input;
    	int x,y;
    	scanf("%d", &input);
    	int table[x][y];
    	return 0;	
    Thanks guys in advance

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    to ask for the elements of an array you should always use a for()
    like, for example, you want an user to give the number of rows and columns, so you should do something like this:
    printf("number of rows");
    scanf("%d", &row);
    printf("number of columns");
    scanf("%d", &col);
    	scanf("%d", table[a][b]);   //remember, [row][column], always is that way
    remember, you must always inizialize the variable as an array, giving a number of locations it should keep, example: arr[100][100]

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    You need to use malloc() for that and then there's really no simple way to do it as a 2D array. You could try something like this:
    itsme@itsme:~/C$ cat dynarray.c
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define TABLE(y, x) (*((table) + (x) + (y) * (size)))
    int main(void)
      char buf[10];
      int *table;
      int size;
        printf("Array size (1-9999)? ");
        fgets(buf, sizeof(buf), stdin);
        size = atoi(buf);
      } while(size < 1 || size > 9999);
      if(!(table = malloc(sizeof(int) * size * size)))
        puts("Memory allocation error!");
      TABLE(0, 0) = 3;
      printf("table[0][0] = %d\n", TABLE(0, 0));
      return EXIT_SUCCESS;
    itsme@itsme:~/C$ ./dynarray
    Array size (1-9999)? 10
    table[0][0] = 3
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