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    Exclamation Code leapt over

    The problem is that the program seems to leap over the central part of the code when executed, so it goes directly from the while loop to the system pause as indicated, ignoring all the ifs...

    Some help...

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define NMAX 100
      float datos[NMAX],max,min;
      int nelementos=0,i=0;
      printf("Introducir datos (0 para finalizar)\n");
      printf("dato[%d]: ",i);
        printf("dato[%d]: ",i);
    //this part isnt executed apparently...  
        printf("Valor maximo: %g,valor minimo: %g",max,min);
      else printf("no hay datos\n");
    //and program continues here 
      return 0;
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    That part isn't executed when you enter EOF. If you change your number to say 5, and actually enter all five, it works fine.

    printf("datos[0]: " ); scanf( "%f",&datos[0] );
    printf("datos[1]: " ); scanf( "%f",&datos[1] );
    printf("datos[2]: " ); scanf( "%f",&datos[2] );
    printf("datos[3]: " ); scanf( "%f",&datos[3] );
    printf("datos[4]: " ); scanf( "%f",&datos[4] );

    Replace your first loop with that. Then, once you've entered two of them, enter EOF, and watch your program do the exact same thing as with your loop.

    EOF kills your program.

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