This is a discussion on structure within the C Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; hello guys, can we use same name for both structure name and it's variable. thak u bye srinu...

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    Talking structure

    hello guys,

    can we use same name for both structure name and it's variable.

    thak u

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    Yes, you can.

    struct data
          int data;
          int data;
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    struct Data_t
      int var;
    struct Data_t Data;

    That's how I would do it, rather than make the code confusing. Apparently the worst thing that you have to watch out for is defining a local variable within a function with the same name as a global variable (that might be in a #include file). That will get you into trouble. The use of '_t' stands for 'type'.

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    struct meaninglesslabel
      int var;
    I think this is better, it's been many years since I programmed.

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    >can we use same name for both structure name and it's variable.
    Sure, they're in different namespaces so you can do something like this:
    typedef struct foo
      int foo;
    } foo;
    From there you can only access the member foo by using the . or -> operators. Because of the typedef, you can also omit the required struct keyword when you create an instance of foo:

    struct foo var;
    foo var;

    Will both create an instance of foo. This is because struct foo is the tag for a struct and thanks to typedef, foo is a new type, shorthand for struct foo { int foo; }. If you find that confusing, imagine this feature being used in real code. :P

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