Help with strtod and fgets..

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    Help with strtod and fgets..

    I need help with strtod, can anybody help me..?

    I need to read a lot of coordinates from a file, whicj will be
    translatet into double with strtod, and make a circle move
    around the screen, with the coordinates from the file.
    But i'm a bit unsure, how to use strtod and read the date from the file.
    I have x and y, which shall make the circle go.
    Can anybody give me some directions about fgets and how to
    get the coordinates into the right x and y coordinates..

    ------------code ---------------------
    x = 150.0;
    y = 200.0;

    drawCircle(x, y, BLACK);
    drivecoord = fopen("xycoord.txt","r");

    printf("FEJL - Filen kunne ikke findes.\n");
    return 0;

    quitCheck ();

    value = strtod(coord, &endptr);

    printf("The string is %s the number is %lf\n", coord, value);

    drawCircle(x, y, BLACK);


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    don't do this! It'll give you trouble. Do a board search on how to check the return code of fgets() to properly determine when to stop reading a file.

    Haven't look at your question though <sorry>!
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    If you have pairs of coordinates on the same line, then try

    while ( fgets(coord,sizeof(coord),drivecoord) != NULL ) {
      x = strtod(coord, &endptr);
      y = strtod(endptr,NULL);
      drawCircle(x, y, BLACK); 

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