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    Quote Originally Posted by Warzaw View Post
    i used #define but im curious about the enum. do you use it on the array size or the array itself?
    The enum trick (or hack) is used to attach a name to a value, which can be checked by the compiler
    enum {size_reg = 16, size_mem = 256};
    int main()
          int regs[size_reg], mem[size_mem];
            /* whatever */
    This works because an enumeration (even an anonymous enumeration, as in the example) must have all its values known at compile time.

    It is a bit of a dirty trick though, and can be subverted (eg if a variable has the same name as one of the enumeration values).
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    i see. so its best to use #define for now. though its good to know there is a possible alternative.

    anyway, i was able to get the brookshear program working. thank you guys for the help.

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