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Type Mismatch Error

This is a discussion on Type Mismatch Error within the C Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; It will look like a very basic question but i am stuck at it. I want to put the values ...

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    Type Mismatch Error

    It will look like a very basic question but i am stuck at it.I want to put the values of "char temp_buffer[1024]" to " uint8_t UTXBuf[48]" and as soon as "UTXBuf" is full, i am transferring data from "temp_buffer[" to another buffer " uint8_t TXBuf[48]".... After that the data has to be transmitted further from UTXBuf and TXBuf.I want to again fill up the "UTXBuf" and "TXBuf" with the remaining data of temp_buffer, till the data of temp_buffer gets finished and by considering that there is no delay in transferring the data from UTXBuf and in this way the process will go on in a loop.Now, the first problem is : it is simply not possible to copy char x into uint8_t y.So, what could be the solution?Second question: how to put the loop, so that there is constant data copy from temp_buffer to UTXBuf and TXBuf ?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

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    The first lot of help you need is here.
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