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    Unhappy moving cursor to the next line

    I have a pogram that reads values in a grid from a file into a two dimensional array of characters and then it needs to read the line after the grid into another array of characters. So, my question is, once I read all the chars into my first 2d array, how do I get the cursor to move to the next line to begin reading in the next char into the second array? I am thoroughly confused and at the end of my rope. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Perhaps a look at the file would help me understand your problem better and give you a specific solution, but something like this doesn't work?
    for ( x = 0; x < ROW; x++ )
      for ( y = 0; y < COL; y++ )
        fscanf ( fp, "%c", &array[x][y] );
    fgets ( array2, sizeof array2, fp );
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    d'oh...yes, a copy of the file would be a good idea... sorry 'bout that. here it is:

    8 8

    Ok, so here's the description. Although you can't tell, the two numbres at the top of the file are the row and column numbers. The next thing below is the map that I scanf'd into a 2d array. The following line is what I want to store into another array, but the cursor stops right after it reads the last element of the map into the array. Sorry about the formatting.

    Oh, and we can't use string functions yet because this project came before we covered it in class. And we haven't dealt with fscanf yet so it's pretty much off limits too.


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    so what command are you using to read the chars from the file? how bout posting the code or small part of it and that way I can understand exactly what is going on and what you can and cant use.

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