putting condition on input

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    putting condition on input

    Hello all. I been workin on my pgm for the past 2-3 days, it's up to 418 lines of code ( small i know ).

    I would like to know how to preform an action immediately when escape is pressed. The most simpilest way yet versitle.


    if ( /* code for detecting escape */ )

    printf("um..."); /* immediate action */

    I just spent 30min reading through tuts and links and things, can't really find it. Must've overlooked somewhere.

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    small example

    int c;

    c = getchar();

    // now press escape and then enter
    // printf("%d\n",c); would give 27, we use this figure

    case 27: // escape was pressed
    // action to do

    // case 3: // control C was pressed
    // break;


    Hope this small example can help you.

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    Doesn't seem to work.

    First off /* This is a comment in code */

    Im looking to have something done right when the key is pressed, not having to press enter. If i press the correct key, it's to late, i dont have to press enter to activate my choice.

    Can somebody point me to some good tutorials ( either detailed or several locations ) dealing with reading key presses from the keyboard and taking immediate action along with using loops.

    That'd be nice. It's better then bugging you with tons of questions. I've looked, just haven't found much.

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    This isn't standard, but I'm guessing it's still pretty generic...

    #include <keys.h>
    #include <pc.h>
    main ()
     int key;
     for (;;)
      key = getkey();
      switch (key)
       case K_Esc: printf ("Esc!\n"); break;
       case 'q': case 'Q': exit (0); break;
       default: break;
    At least that'll put you kn the right track maybe.

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    This worked for me. Adapte it how you wish.
    #define ESC 0x1B
    char ch=0;
    printf("Done Sir Done");
    There you go.


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