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parking lot game

This is a discussion on parking lot game within the C Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; The sign on the attendant’s booth at the XYZ parking lot is XYZ VISITOR PARKING Cars: First 2 hours Free ...

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    parking lot game

    The sign on the attendant’s booth at the XYZ parking lot is


    First 2 hours Free
    Next 3 hours 0.50/hour
    Next 10 hours .25/hour
    First 1 hour Free
    Next 2 hours 1.00/hours
    Next 12 hours 0.75/hour
    Senior Citizens: Free of charge

    Write a program that will accept as input a one-character designator (C, T or S)
    Followed by two military numbers in range of 0600-2200 (6:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M). The program should
    Then compute the appropriate charge and the round up time that car was parked.
    The output should be printed for each vehicle , arrival time, departure time and cost. Your program should also provide a summer at the end of each day indicating total cars, trucks, and senior , time and fees. Your program should have loop which ends with ^Z.

    this is the question. im new to C so i didnt use case and breaks.. but i used if and else. my qustion in when i compile it deos not show anything!! why is that??

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
      char type;
      int t, in, out;
      int total,truck=0,senior=0,cars=0;
         while(("%c %d %d", &type, &in, &out)!=EOF)
         printf("car type:\n\n");
         scanf("%c", &type);
         printf("in time:\n\n");
         scanf("%lf", &in);
         printf("out time:\n\n");
         scanf("%lf", &out);
     if (type=='C')
       if (t<=2)
        total= 0;
       else if (t<=5)
       total =((t-5)*0.25);
     else if (type=='T')
        if (t<=1)
        else if (t<=3)
        total= ((t-1)*1);
        total= ((t-1)*0.75);
      else if (type=='S')
      printf("youcame in @:%d", in);
      printf("you left @: %d", out);
      printf("your cost is: %lf", total);
       return 0;
    ps im suppose to ask "if you want to conitue". if anybody could help me with that that would be awsome!!!
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         while(("%c %d %d", &type, &in, &out)!=EOF)
    What is that supposed to be? (scanf probably)How about instead you do something like:
        prompt for input
        get input
        if input is valid
            process input
        if input means to quit
            set quit to true
    while quit is not true

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    Quote Originally Posted by hahahaha View Post

    The sign
    I'm going to assume you are visually impaired... because only a blind person needs such a big ugly font.

    What do in time and out time represent? minutes? Hours?
    What if someone checks in at 23:00 and checks out at 02:00 the next day?

    You have an unterminated do loop in there... Your while loop doesn't make a lot of sense. I'd be amazed if your code even compilers. You need to read up on loops in your textbooks or through a good online tutorial (Google is your friend).

    This is a very simple exercise, I can do it in just under 50 lines...
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