calling a function with the variable as a function name please help

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    Question calling a function with the variable as a function name please help

     * eg4.c
     *  Created on: Aug 23, 2011
     *      Author: UshaC1
    **                      Include Section                                       **
    #define Number_of_Tasks 5  //Number of tasks in a scheduler
    **            F U N C T I O N    D E C L A R A T I O N S(API)                 **
    int nTimeInterval;//Global Timer value
    void Task_10();
    void Task_20();
    void Task_30();
    void Task_40();
    void Task_50();
    void Task_60();
    void Task_70();
    void Task_80();
    void Task_90();
    void Task_10()
        printf("Task1 at 10ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 10ms executing\n");
    void Task_20()
        printf("Task1 at 20ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 20ms executing\n");
    void Task_30()
        printf("Task1 at 30ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 30ms executing\n");
    void Task_40()
        printf("Task1 at 40ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 40ms executing\n");
    void Task_50()
        printf("Task1 at 50ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 50ms executing\n");
    void Task_60()
        printf("Task1 at 60ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 60ms executing\n");
    void Task_70()
        printf("Task1 at 70ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 70ms executing\n");
    void Task_80()
        printf("Task1 at 80ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 80ms executing\n");
    void Task_90()
        printf("Task1 at 90ms executing\n");
        printf("Task2 at 90ms executing\n");
    void run_task(struct time *val)
        int i,correction;
        float elapsed_time;
        static int j=0;//counter
            if(val[i].remaining_time == nTimeInterval)
                clock_t start = clock();        //start a clock
                printf(" Execute %s at %d milliseconds \n ",val[i].task,val[i].period);//calling scheduled task here
                Task_[val[i].period]();// here i am calling a function that is giving error
                elapsed_time=((double)clock() - start) / CLOCKS_PER_SEC; //Time taken to complete a task
                /* To check whether my task take more time than nTimeInterval */
                if(elapsed_time > nTimeInterval)
                    printf("Time elapsed: %f\n",elapsed_time);
                    correction=elapsed_time-nTimeInterval;  //correction in time
                    nTimeInterval=nTimeInterval+correction; // adding the correction to nTimeIntervals
                val[i].remaining_time = val[i].period;
                val[i].remaining_time -= nTimeInterval;

    Here is my code ... in function runtask i need to call my function Task_10,Task_20 or anyother according to the variable var.period so how can i call a function using a variable as a function name ??? .. here i have dome something but its giving error please help me in this concern soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ushacy View Post
    #define Number_of_Tasks 5  //Number of tasks in a scheduler
    Macros should be defined with all letters uppercase.
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    C is not a scripting language. Thus the function names are not really usable at runtime, when your variables get evaluated.

    You could accomplish this using function pointers - Eg,

    void  (*fuptr[9])() = { &Task_10,&Task_20,&Task_30,&Task_40,&Task_50,&Task_60,&Task_70,&Task_80,&Task_90};
    and accessing them based on time. However I'm afraid you need to study a bit more before you get that done safely.

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    You need to re-think your logic. I can't imagine why you'd need to do, what you're asking about doing.

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