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    Pointer question

    Sounds simple... but why isn't bookPtr = &theBook the same as
    *bookPtr =theBook?

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    Because changing what a pointer points to and changing the value of what a pointer points to are two different things.
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    I dont think so these statements are same
    because first case is correct you are giving address to the pointer but second case is not correct actually.

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    bookPtr = &theBook
    This makes only sense if bookPtr was declared as a pointer:

    char * bookPtr;
    id * bookPtr;
    The first example declares a pointer that can hold the address of a char (otherwise said: a pointer to char). The second variant is the declaration of a pointer to int. Thus the asterisk * is used here to declare a pointer.
    These statements just declare bookPtr as a variable that can hold an address. Let's assume that you declared it as a pointer to id. Then

    int theBook = 67;
    bookPtr = &theBook
    declares theBook as an int and stores the value 67 in it. The second line makes bookPtr point to the address of theBook.
    Now, the second statement:

    *bookPtr =theOtherBook
    Here the asterisk is used as a "derefence operator", meaning "the variable where bookPtr points to". We gave it the address of theBook in the previous code-block. Now we are giving this variable (theBook) the value of another variable: theOtherBook.

    So, we changed he value of theBook in an indirect way, namely via its pointer. The dereference operator * is therefore also called "indirection operator".

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