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    Question matrix determinant

    I am writing a program to calculate the determinant of an n*n matrix. The issue is that the program ends abruptly without giving any error and does not return the result of the determinant. I am using Visual Studio c++ 2008 for the same. The code for the calculation of the matrix determinant is as follows:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int detmat(int *, int);
    	int* arr, i,j;
    	int result = 0, num, n=0, pos;
    	printf("\n\rEnter the order of matrix");
    	scanf("%d", &n);
    	arr = calloc(n*n, 2);
    	printf("Enter the elements");
    	for(i =0;i<n;i++){
    		for(j =0;j<n;j++){
    			scanf("%d", &num);
    			pos = i*n+j;
    			arr[pos] = num;
    	//print the matrix
    		for(j=i;j<n*n; j+= n){
    			printf("\t%d", arr[j]);
    	result = detmat(arr, n);
    	printf("\n %d", result);
    	printf("\n\n\nPress any key to exit");
    int detmat(int *arr, int order){
    	int *arr2, i,j,k, sign=1;
    	int pos, newpos, count, sum =0;
    	if(order == 1)
    		return (arr[0]);
    	for(i=0;i<order;i++, sign *= -1){
    		arr2 = calloc((order-1)*(order-1),2);
    			for(k=0,count =0;k < order;k++){
    				if(k == i)
    				pos = j*order+k;
    				newpos = (j-1)*(order-1) + count;
    				arr2[newpos] = arr[pos];
    		sum = sum + arr[i]*sign*detmat(arr2, order-1);
    	return (sum);

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    > arr = calloc(n*n, 2);
    Try sizeof(int) rather than 2

    But then you did just copy/paste this from some TurboC user from about 20 years ago.
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