Error when passing Array to a function using struct.h

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    Question Error when passing Array to a function using struct.h

    I have just started to learn C at a local college and we are using Visual Studio 2005 as the compiler/debugger.

    When I write my program with the variable array declared in Main.cpp, the array passes to the function and displays the results of a file read to the screen(The program worked).

    However, when I declare the variable array in a struct header(DataDef.h), and make the necessary changes in the Main.cpp, Counter.h and loadArray.h, the program debugs with 2 error messages that I cannot resolve.
    1>d:\array passed to a function\main\main.cpp(14) : error C2664: 'Counter' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'char [2]' to 'char'
    1>d:\array passed to a function\main\main.cpp(15) : error C2664: 'loadArray' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'char [2]' to 'char [][2]'

    Would someone be kind enough to examine the code and explain what stupid error I am making and what is the correct code?

    Thank you.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include "DataDef.h"
    #include "Counter.h"
    #include "loadArray.h"
    void main()
    	FILE * CollectorsTxt;
    	Collectors MyCollectors[50];
    	int Count=0;
    	loadArray(Count, MyCollectors[50].code,MyCollectors[50].Name); 	
    int Counter(char code, char Name)
    	FILE * CollectorsTxt;
    	int Ctr=0;
    	Collectors MyCollectors[50];
    	return Ctr;
    void loadArray(int Count, char code[10][2], char Name[10][20])
    	FILE * CollectorsTxt;
    	int Idx=0;
    	Collectors MyCollectors[50];
    	fscanf(CollectorsTxt,"%[^,],%[^\n]%*c",			MyCollectors[50].code[Idx],MyCollectors[50].Name[Idx]);
    	printf("%s, %s\n",MyCollectors[50].code[Idx],		MyCollectors[50].Name[Idx]); 
    		printf("%s, %s\n",MyCollectors[50].code[Idx],	MyCollectors[50].Name[Idx]);

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    there are many problems with your code stemming from a common misconception about arrays.

    your counter function doesn't expect an array of chars, it expects a char

    you are also trying to pass down the 51st element of an array of 50 collectors (C indexes start at 0) which doesn't exist

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