questions about pointers

This is a discussion on questions about pointers within the C Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; hey guys, im kind of new in c and i have two questions, first what is the void * v[] ...

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    questions about pointers

    hey guys, im kind of new in c and i have two questions, first what is the void * v[] for? second what is the "comp" in this line? "int (*comp)(void *,void *);" its part of an example program for it casting of some kind?
    appreciate any help.

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    1) It is an array of pointers that point to a void (can point to anything). So v[1] is a pointer, v[3] is also a pointer (a *void)
    2) It is a function pointer that points to a function that is like int fun(void *, void* )
    int fun(void* a, void* b)
       return 0;
    int (*comp)(void*, void*);
    comp = &fun; //comp will point to fun
    comp(a, b); //like fun(a,b)

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    comp is a pointer to a function returning int
    v is an array of void pointers

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    "int (*comp)(void *,void *);" is a function pointer. One use for that is so you can include a function as a parameter to another function:
    #include <stdio.h>
    void one() {
    	printf("Function one\n");
    void two() {
    	printf("Function two\n");
    void dowhat (void (somefunction)()) {
    int main() {
    	return 0;
    I've never used C's qsort but apparently you can pass it your own comparison function, which accepts two pointers (to the things to compare) and returns an int.
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