Recursive Directory Traversal difficulties

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    Recursive Directory Traversal difficulties

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    in case it's being wondered,

    this if the structure of f_info

    struct f_info {
      int f_blks[4];  
      int f_scn;
      int f_frg[64];

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    char *dir_path;
    dir_path = strcat(dir,"/");
    dir_path = strcat(dir_path,dp->d_name);
    You've declared a pointer to an array that current has no space allocated. You're trying to write to space you haven't allocated in the above code.

    You could use malloc() to initially allocate space, and realloc to reallocate space (to make it bigger). You'd need to free() the space you allocate eventually.

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    I haven't been having any troubles with dir_path, it seems to be not worrying about allocated space. The biggest issue is that if the filesystem looks like

    (root directory)



    The traversal will look like:

    read file1.c
    read file2.txt
    open directory
    read dfile1.h

    attempt to open subdirectory
    Error: No such file or directory

    // Execution stops here

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