Using IRP_MJ_CREATE (handle/createFile/access rom drive)

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    Using IRP_MJ_CREATE (handle/createFile/access rom drive)


    I'm trying to write some code which uses a handle to access a rom drive on windows xp. The code below produces this output, "Error opening drive\.E:"

    The codes not correctly accessing the drive. I've been googling and I think it might be related not issuing IRP_MJ_CREATE to request the use of a handle. According to msdn E (rom drive) should be set out as "\\.\E:"

    Has anyone any code or reference material which could help me in using IRP_MJ_CREATE, if its the problem?

    Many thanks.

    CreateFile Function

    #include <stdlib.h>   
    #include <string.h> 
    #include <stdio.h>  
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <winioctl.h>
    	int main()
    		HANDLE device;
    	    char deviceName[20];
    		strcpy(deviceName, "\\.\E:");
    		if(device == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) //Error opening drive
    		   printf("Error opening drive");
    		printf("%s", deviceName);

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    You may want to use double backslashes here:
    strcpy(deviceName, "\\.\E:");
    As you see from your printout, the name actually in deviceName is "\.E:", which is an illegal name.

    This also makes me doubt that you are a good enough programmer (yet!) to write driver code. It is far harder than writing user-mode code, since anything you do wrong will possibly affect the entire system, both in reliability/stability and correct execution of applications (e.g. you could easily write to a stray pointer and make your entire Windows installation useless).

    If you want advice on how to implement IRP_MJ_CREATE, then I suggest you post your code for it, not just the user-mode side.

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