memory allocation error

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    memory allocation error

    hi every one
    i have a problem with memory overlap for malloced struct.
    I am trying to load dictionaries but,, after loading them i found that they have some problem

    here is the example

    typedef struct 
           char word[30];
           char pos[3];
    wordList *epatterns1=NULL;
    wordList *auxillary1=NULL;
    int p_size=0,e_size=0,a_size=0;
    load_dict(wordList **list1,char * filename,int *size){
    	FILE * fp;
    	char * pch;
    	wordList *list=NULL;
    	char temp_line[40];
    	unsigned int nrows=0;                   /* number of data rows in the file */
            unsigned int comment=0;                 /* number of comment lines in file */
            unsigned int i=0;                           /* counters */
    	fp = fopen( filename, "r");
    	if (fp == NULL)
    			printf("\nError, file not found\n");
    	// Process & close file
    	/* count the number of comment lines, and data lines */
            while (fgets(temp_line,sizeof(temp_line),fp)!=NULL) {
                    if (temp_line[0]=='#') {
                    } else {
            /* allocate string array to write all the lines from the file */
    	list = malloc((*size)*sizeof(struct wordList*));
    	if (list==NULL) {
                    printf("\nCould not allocate  pointer array");
    	memset(temp_line, 0, 30);
            while (fgets(temp_line,sizeof(temp_line),fp)!=NULL) {
    		strncpy (list[i].word,temp_line,pch-temp_line+1);
    		memset(temp_line, 0, 30);
    main(argc, argv)
    int argc;
    char **argv;
    	int i;
      	for (i=0; i<e_size; i++) {
    	  printf("%s\t%s\n", epatterns1[i].word,epatterns1[i].pos);

    able JJ
    al JJ
    ance N
    ate V
    ation N
    cy N


    am AV
    are AV
    be AV
    been AV
    can AV

    when i try to print the ausillary dict stored in the wordList struct
    program outputs

    m V
    re V
    e V
    een V
    an V

    please help... why this problem happened

    thanks in advance

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    > list = malloc((*size)*sizeof(struct wordList*));
    You want the size of a wordList, not a pointer to a wordlist

    > main(argc, argv)
    > int argc;
    > char **argv;
    This syntax is archaic. How old is the book you're reading?

    > memset(temp_line, 0, 30);
    a) it's the wrong size
    b) it serves no purpose, as fgets always adds a \0 anyway.

    > strcpy(list[i].pos,pch+1);
    This will also copy a \n, thus blowing away the length of your small array, and trashing something else.
    Consider strncpy(), or removing the \n (see the FAQ)
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