pointer issue

This is a discussion on pointer issue within the C Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; I have two questions, 1 Code: main(){ int i =257; int *iptr =&i; printf (“%d %d”,*((char*)iptr),* ((char *)iptr+1)); } the ...

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    pointer issue

    I have two questions,

    int i =257;
    int *iptr =&i;
    printf (“%d  %d”,*((char*)iptr),* ((char *)iptr+1));
    the output is 1 1

    here, iptr at first should print the value stored in first 8 bits of variable i and in next it should print value of second 8 bit block.
    would you please explain why the out put is so?

    extern int iExtern;
    iExtern = 20;
    why there is an linker error, how should we use the variable so that the error wont come?

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    What if you change it to:
    int i = 258;
    Think about what 257 looks like in binary.
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    1) you are casting your int into a char, and 257 as a char is 1.

    2) Prove there is a linker error. I see no link command and no linker error message.
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    There certainly is, Dino:
    test.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "int iExtern"

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    In 1 write out the integer 257 in binary and you will see why the output of your program 1 1 is correct.

    In 2 remove the extern qualifier so the scope of the variable iExtern becomes local instead of global and try not to use reserved keywords for variable names.

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