Mathematical Operation

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    Mathematical Operation

    I have an assignment that I need to be done.

    prepare a report which contains the C source code, the documentation and the flow charts, along with drawings explaining the mathematical background related to the calculation of-

    F(x)= 5.x^2 + e ^(1/2.x) / 1/3.x^2+25.x+1.6

    in the range x ?{A,B}

    With a step of B-a/y, e.g. y= 1000.

    The range, i i.e. a,b along with the step discretisation should be user defined. The results of the calculation should be stored in a file in the current directory which is also user defined.

    in a second independent program, calculate the area (integral from a to b)

    f (x).dx for the discrete value of an f(x) passed to the program through a user defined file located in the current directory. The output of the previous program

    in a third independent program calculate f`(x)= dy/dx for all values provided in the output file of the first prgram with the assumption that dy/dx= ?y/?x, ?x?0
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    Um no, read the rules.

    You could do it yourself and;

    A. Feel good about it
    B. Learn
    C. Have fun
    D. Pass the exam

    If you have a specific question, I'm sure you'd get help.

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    Anyone wanna do them?

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    Even if they did, I would not allow them to post their answers in this thread.

    *Thread closed*
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