warning: passing argument 2 of ‘signal’ from incompatible pointer type

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    Post warning: passing argument 2 of ‘signal’ from incompatible pointer type

    why i am getting this warning? how can i solve this............

    warning: passing argument 2 of ‘signal’ from incompatible pointer type
    getting warning in redline

    int slickPing(amount,sock,dest)
    int amount,sock;
    char *dest;
    	int alarmHandler();
    	unsigned nameResolve(char *);
    	register int retcode,j=0;
    	struct icmphdr *icmp;
    	struct sockaddr_in sin;
    	unsigned char sendICMPpak[MAXPAK]={0};
    	unsigned short pakID=getpid()&0xffff;
    	struct ippkt{
       		struct iphdr ip;
       		struct icmphdr icmp;
       		char buffer[MAXPAK];
    	bzero((char *)&sin,sizeof(sin));
    		/* ICMP Packet assembly  */
    	/* We let the kernel create our IP header as it is legit */
    	icmp=(struct icmphdr *)sendICMPpak;
    	icmp->type=ICMP_ECHO;			/* Requesting an Echo */
    	icmp->code=0;				/* 0 for ICMP ECHO/ECHO_REPLY */
    	icmp->un.echo.id=pakID;			/* To identify upon return */	
    	icmp->un.echo.sequence=0;		/* Not used for us */
    	icmp->checksum=in_cksum((unsigned short *)icmp,64);
    	fprintf(stderr,"sending ICMP_ECHO packets: ");
    		usleep(ICMPSLEEP);		/* For good measure */
    		retcode=sendto(sock,sendICMPpak,64,0,(struct sockaddr *)&sin,sizeof(sin));
    				perror("ICMP sendto err");
    			else fprintf(stderr,"Only wrote %d bytes",retcode);
    		else fprintf(stderr,".");
    	signal(SIGALRM,alarmHandler);	/* catch the ALARM and handle it */
    	fprintf(stderr,"\nSetting alarm timeout for 10 seconds...\n");
    	alarm(10);	/* ALARM is set b/c read() will block forever if no */
    	while(1){	/* packets arrive...   (which is what we want....)  */
    		read(sock,(struct ippkt *)&pkt,MAXPAK-1);
     *	SIGALRM signal handler.  Souper simple.
    int alarmHandler(){
    	HANDLERCODE=0;		/* shame on me for using global vars */

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    From Russia: http://psb.sbras.ru/cgi-bin/www/unix...x-man?signal+3

    #include <signal.h>

    void (*
    signal(int sig, void (*func)(int)))(int);

    or in FreeBSD's equivalent but easier to read typedef'd version:

    typedef void (*sig_t) (int)

    signal(int sig, sig_t func);
    It's clear that your handler function has the wrong prototype; pass something compatible (a sig_t).
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    it means that alarmHandler has to have following prototype:

    void alarmHandler(int param);
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    int slickPing(amount,sock,dest)
    int amount,sock;
    char *dest;
    Better to use ISO C definitions:

    int slickPing(int amount, int sock, char* dest)
    And the warning is because it really shouldn't compile because you are passing a pointer to a function that doesn't match what signal wants or expects.
    Vart points out the correct solution there.
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