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    Talking Favorite IDE?

    I am about to start a C course at the university and I would like to start getting familiar with a strong IDE. In the java world, it was pretty clear that Eclipse was the most popular, is there a similar tool in the C world? Which is the favorite free solution? What if price was not a factor?

    Thanks guys.

    Oh, and I guess I should mention, I'm planning on doing most of this on a Windows machine.
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    For me:
    Free = Code::Blocks
    Money No Object = SlickEdit

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    Doesn't Eclipse do C?
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    Code::Blocks and SlickEdit too.

    Eclipse does C and C++ yes, through CDT.
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    Many say Dev-C++, and I used it for awhile, but odd errors, no updates, whatnot, made me change to Code::Blocks.
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    Mine is KDevelop. Tried Eclipse before but it takes too much resources.
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    VC6 (it is not favorite, just the only choice on my job)
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    Visual Studio 2005 hands down.

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    Visual Studio 2003 but I'm on the verge of switching to 2005. Still a little unsure about it though - 2003 has been so good to me for the last couple of years.

    vim on Linux.
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    I second ahluka on this issue. Although i only use MSVC++2003.net for larger apps and games, It is still one of the most stable IDE's outthere, and has one of the most language compliant compilers.
    I also have DevC++ and code::blocks. DevC++ as Mario said is indeed buggy, but I only use it for testing small peices of code and then use them in the MS when I have them working ok. Code::blocks is great too, the nightly builds are excellent too, it just does not have all the features that MS has. But on no means does that make it a bad one to choose.

    So, I would go with code::blocks for the free one, stay away one DevC++ unless you want a big error box to appear when you use the indirectoin operator on pointers '->'. If you want to or can splash the cash go with MS2003. 2005 express is free ( you can download it from the web ) and is also a good choice. Ultimatly though the final decision is yours. Just stay away from DevC++ and MSVC++ 6.0 and Turbo C++
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    All I've got is MSVC++2003.net too. Tried Dev, didn't like it much. Like the look of Code blocks. Must try it some time!

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    I use Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express, and it works pretty well.
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    No IDE on linux, I just use nano/gcc on the command line.
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    Please note that the various versions of microsoft visual c++ compilers are no use for C99 coding; if your university course teaches C89, or you are happy with this limitation, then these should be fine.

    Perhaps it might be prudent for you to seek clarification from your C programming course supervisors/administrators regarding what C language standards they will be teaching and use that information to guide your choice of ide/compiler?
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    I'm using MVS 2005, for me is the best IDE ever

    Don't forget to install SP1

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