My Final Fantasy X eliteness!

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    FF6 (SNES) beats all

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    > But when I play Fable, there's little strategy other than keep swinging your hammer until everything's dea

    Sure, you can play that way, but that's not the most effective way to fight, by any means. What's wrong with a little action? I don't mean to a degree of, say, Diablo (which completely disproves the "anything with a sword is an RPG" idea some people have). Fable's action, to me, was secondary to the amount of interactivity the world had. It was too damn short, though

    You didn't answer my question, though - what makes FF more of an RPG than a turn based war game, like Combat Mission or Panzer General? It sounds like it meets all your criteria for one.

    > FF mainly for the story, Morrowind for the random gameplay (like pillaging people's houses and selling their things at the local store so I can buy better swords

    Morrowind's story is ridiculously detailed and thorough. It's not just handed to you, though - reading some of the books you find around the world fleshes out the backstory to an extreme degree.

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