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    The problem lately is that lots of people don't know how to ask properly...they give us their CS assignments, and expect us to do them. The fact that these people are getting rejected (and rightly so) will not change if we designate a section of the forum to them.

    What's wrong is the way the questions are being asked. Right now I'm in first year "Intro to Programming" (sadly I only got a 65% on the challenge for credit exam...turns out "output parameter" meant "pointer", but ah well) and I can see why people come here with no clue what they're doing. My prof knows less than most people here, teaches in a way too advanced method for people seeing C++ for the first time, and then, hands out ridiculous (based on what he's taught so far) assignments. So they come to places like this, trying not to fail with minimal effort (some are lazy, and some really just have no clue what they're doing).

    So they give us the question full out, hoping we do it for them. People here for that purpose are not going to spend time reading a FAQ or posting guidelines (not in detail anyways). They just want their solution because they don't plan on being back (though, just wait until that next assignment gets handed out...).

    Now, given a Homework section or not, those types of questions will still be asked, but, now that they have a section, will people's attitudes change towards the questions? And will we actually write their programs for them? I won't.

    That's what Rent-A-Coder is for.

    If that's what we're headed for here, well...I really doubt that's the case. This is without a doubt the best place for knowledge in all things C. A great place to share ideas and get help with ideas of our own.

    If we come across a specific problem, or don't know how to tackle a situation, the collective knowledge on these boards is without a doubt better than any other resource out there (or atleast we know how to find that resource *AHEM*Google*AHEM*). And sure, if every blue moon we come across a compiler error that keeps us awake for a month straight, we post all our code for review But in all those cases we've done work beforehand, and we know that nobody here will write our programs (nor do we want them to, because we appreciate the value in doing it ourselves) for us.

    So, what's the point I'm getting at?

    A nice big:
    We help with homework
    We don't do homework

    Would be more effective in the middle of the signup screen than a homework section. Because it's not the fact that it's homework they're asking for help with (I can deal helping with homework), it's the fact we're expected to write a program for somebody else's lazy needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quzah

    Hell, I've got a BETTER idea! Make it so every time you submit a post you have to answer one random question from a bank of questions covering the announcements also.



    unfortunatly this is a generalized cut and paste forum

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    back on the subject of bad teachers, just yesterday my teacher asked me to help her find out why her program kept aborting....she was trying to cast something somehow..i don't know what she was doing, but i knew what she wasn't doing..she wasn't doing it right.
    maybe she should have read the warnings.

    aside from the warnings, there were other things i found to my delight...
    originally the program was written with a an array...she thought that was the problem and made it into a vector instead. still didn't work...... the best part about it was this line:

    vector<Employee *> employees(4);
    //code ....
    delete employees[i];

    is it just me or.....?

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    Wow you people seem to have bad teachers or just a bad school system, im also in college doing a It course and the teacher that gives Java also gives C# and C++ and i have to say that he just rox, seems like he knows everything ( that is everything i ask him ), and teh way he explains it is so easy i mean, the way he explained objects, methods and other things in java was incredible , ppl who had never programmed before even knew what he was talking about after half an hour...

    Anyway im just lucky i guess then to have great teachers :d.

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    my systems analysis and design teacher is really good...it's not really as hard to teach as programming i imagine, but he's extremely organized and has an answer for every question.

    he definitely knows what he's talking about.

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    Three years in Comp Sci major, only one bad teacher so far. A java prof but does not know it "at all". Couldn't answer my basic, simple question. Never asks again. That is not acceptable.
    source: compsci textbooks, cboard.cprogramming.com, world wide web, common sense

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    vector<Employee *> employees(4);
    //code ....
    delete employees[i];
    >is it just me or.....?
    It's just you I think. Provided i is within the boundaries of the vector and the pointer was allocated memory with new, there's nothing wrong with this code. Perhaps you meant this:
    vector<Employee *> employees ( 4 );
    // Code...
    delete [] employees;
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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