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    I just came from a long vacation in Puerto Rico. <MOD EDIT>

    Anyways, I'm back. No one misses me but thats cool. I'm currently involve in a 2D SDL gaming project. It's a pong variation. I don't like to follow the crowd and make the 1000th pong game clone of the world. My game has a variation.

    One paddle, no AI and two bouncing balls(oh god). There is a sensative wall that lies behind the player-control paddle. Whenever the balls(this again?) hit that sensative wall the player's score decreases and stuff.

    An alpha version is almost done. So if you want to add your e-mail address to the mailing listing so that you could recieve the alpha version when its done. Then do so right here.

    Thank you.
    Name: Eric Lesnar
    Learning: C/C++, SDL, WinAPI, OpenGL, and Python
    Compiler: Dev-C++ 4.9.0
    Current Game Project: Acoznict

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