need a team name!

This is a discussion on need a team name! within the A Brief History of forums, part of the Community Boards category; Originally posted by confuted Void main() I thought about that, but just thinking it made me cringe....

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    Originally posted by confuted
    Void main()
    I thought about that, but just thinking it made me cringe.

    "The computer programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is responsible. Universes of virtually unlimited complexity can be created in the form of computer programs." -- Joseph Weizenbaum.

    "If you cannot grok the overall structure of a program while taking a shower, you are not ready to code it." -- Richard Pattis.

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    sorry just had to

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    Lol weird, I participated in a programming contest today. I won by a long shot .
    Do not make direct eye contact with me.

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    Did anyone say "Destructors" ?

    Thats all I got...
    "Think not but that I know these things; or think
    I know them not: not therefore am I short
    Of knowing what I ought."
    -John Milton, Paradise Regained (1671)

    "Work hard and it might happen."

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    Originally posted by DavidP
    C++ or Java are the allowed languages. I am personally going to use C++, because I consider Java to be equal to Crap...
    Oh darrn here comes some stupid C humor...
          printf("Java is crap!");

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