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    The Hobbit/LOTR by J.R.R. Tolkien
    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams
    The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas
    Watership Down by Richard Adams
    The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
    1984/Animal Farm by George Orwell

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    Originally posted by MethodMan
    Mr.Wizard, I had to read The Red Badge of Courage for a Civil War Course I recently took.

    Lord of the Rings - all 3
    I cant recall the title or author, I read it a few years ago, but it was from the Ravenlof(sp?) series
    The Things They Carried
    Well?? Did you like it
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    govtcheez we're reading lord of the flies right now in english. My teacher says the characters are supposed to represent the countries (Jack is russia or something) and that there are 8 philosophical layers of that book. I've also heard my english teacher is a liberal idiot. What's your take on all of this.

    EDIT: I really awnt to read the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy as well as the dark tower series, I've heard they are all good. The last book I listed in the first post of this thread, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is a veyr recent book, but I think all of you guys would love it.

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    Hey, sure, whatever your teacher said. I thought it was a neat story. I tend to read books for enjoyment; most of the time I don't freaking care what "the deeper meaning" is supposed to be, especially since most people interpret it differently.

    edit: It might also help that I read that book on my own, not for a class. After I finished it, I gave it to my brother to read, and he loved it. A while later, he had to read it for class and now he hates it. It's been ruined by overanalyzing.

    A similar thing happened to my now ex girlfriend in high school. They had to watch Star Wars for AP English. The teacher was a fscking loon. She read into EVERYTHING, and usually incorrectly. According to her, Darth Vader is German for "Dark Father". She got ........ed when she was informed she was wrong (I believe it's actually Dutch). You know Dagobah? In her little world, it's spelled "Degoba", so you can rearrange the letters to "Be a God". The was a ton of other crap. Basically, she ruined a classic movie for about 30 people. I hate English teachers.

    Next term at school I'm taking "Literature of the Fantastic". If the professor tries to ruin Starship Troopers for me, I'll kill him.

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    Reading into things is good as long as there is somethign to read into.

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    Dark Tower Series - Bestist Book eva

    Hummmphg still waiting for the last 2 books though ;;;;
    Just hope S. King doesnt keel over before he finishes them,
    that would drive me nuts ;-)

    Govtcheez - you read the right stuff man
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    > Just hope S. King doesnt keel over before he finishes them,

    They're already finished

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    Just hope S. King doesnt keel over before he finishes them
    I'm sure he'd keep writing after death or something. He'd be the type to haunt Maine as well as publishing companies long after his death.
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    i live in maine

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    Lord of the Rings Series - Plot and Character
    Holes - Complex Storyline and Theme
    My Book(Unnamed at the moment) - Plot and Character

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    >>They had to watch Star Wars for AP English.

    All we got was some English ballet production of 'the Tempest'.

    >>I hate English teachers.

    We used to do transendental meditaion in class.
    I suppose it was to help us not fall asleep when reading Browning, Hardy or Lawrence.
    Oh, how I hate D.H.Lawrence and his Oedipal complex, let me count the ways....

    I sometimes hoped that the things in a Wilfred Owen poem would happen to him......

    The Anubis Gates by P Tilley

    'Little Miss Splendid Goes To Town' is the one I am reading over and over and over again (on request).
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    I would like to add

    Shogun. A novel of Japan by James Clavell to my list
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    hey govt, you are going to love this

    according to my english teacher jack was raped as a child because he is aggressive, and the proof of this is evidently the fact that he didn't kill the pig the first time he saw it. Yes, that's his interpretation...he has aggression because he didn't kill a pig and he was english teacher is a freaking nut.

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    1) The Riftwar Saga
    by Ramond E. Feist

    2) The Wheel of Time
    by Robert Jordan

    3) The Belgariad
    by David Eddings

    4) My book ...

    i wrote a book on Toilet paper ... however ... turned out to be $$$$ !

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