The essence of frustration...

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    The essence of frustration...

    Okay....I am making this RTS (Real Time Strategy) engine using DirectX. I was supposed to have animation done 2 weeks ago. Everything about it was supposed to be done. Finished. I should be finishing up with AI and pathfinding right now. Maybe even getting into the interface.

    Unfortunately, I ran into a problem with the animation and graphic sequence classes 2 weeks ago, which i got from a book I am learning from. The graphic sequence class is a basic animation class, and the animation class is a more advanced one with more features.

    Well...lets just say...I tried to use them...I got 102 errors...I debugged...compiled...1 error...debugged...debugged...debugged...compiled. ..access piled....access violation....debugged....compiled....nothing happened....

    [Continue on this same track for one week]

    the next week comes around...

    debugged...debugged...debugged...compiled....acces s violation....debugged...debugged...debugged...comp program oddly enters and endless loop and fills up the hard drive in 10 seconds....debugged...debugged....compile...hard drive filling....debugged....compile....hard drive filling...debugged...access violation...debugged....compiled....nothing happens....

    [Continue on this week for almost another whole week]

    Finally, after almost 2 weeks of debugging in vain, I decided to make my own class to do that animation instead of use this one that was already made. cess violation...debug....FOUND ERROR!....changing arrays to linked list...almost done....

    2 weeks is not fun...but its almost done...

    (im only two weeks behind schedule :-) )
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    doubleanti and i are going to be coding a game utilizing my RP system starting this summer. We originally gave it a shot just to realize that i hadn't done enough prep work for it. Now i've got alot more done... i've started coding some tests of it. We set the project back like 5 months in order to accomodate our lives. I wish we had more time to work on it... it should be done by Summer of 2003

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    > doubleanti and i are going to be coding a game

    Do you do a lot of game programming, Elus? I saw a book on it and how to make it really real, and there were some complex equations to follow for gravity, force, etc. Looks complicated.

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