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    Question Free Web Hosting?

    What's the best free web hosting I can get? You know: Short URL, a lot of space, and easy to work with? (Besides stuff like Geocities, Homestead, and Tripod)

    And by "free", I mean FREE!

    I'm so sick of this one-time fee crap. When I say I want FREE web hosting, I want it free, dammit! Thanks guys.

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    coverd a million++ times, search the boards.

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    what is it that you do not like about geocities, homestead or tripod ? ... even though they are absolutely FREE !

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    if you want a decent web hosting service, you have to pay money.

    Simple as that.

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    669 is the only FREE thing I know - it is a host but the FREE requires you to run your own webserver - MODEMS not recommended.
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    I like having my own computer as webserver, if you're able to have it turned on 24/7, that is.
    *unlimited space
    *very customizeable
    *easy "upload"

    Combine that with a service like dyndns or buy your own domain.
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    3,230 - 'nuff said.

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    -No ads
    -Mail /SSL

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