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    In the morning I drink a lot of coffee and in the midday I drink a lot of tea. I don't eat during programming, but I do eat an apple or some other fruit regularly to take a break.

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    Sobe: Nirvana. It's great... I'll also drink Diet Pepsi or Diet Dr.
    Pepper. But Sobe -- that's where my heart is...
    Staying away from General.

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    Just about anything...I eat at my computer all the time. About every other day I have to shake out my keyboard

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    I never eat or drink anything near the computer. If someone brings some food or a drink near my computer I freak.

    Food/Drinks arent allowed in the labs either, I guess I just got used to it.

    However, when I step away from the computer during programming its either Root Beer, Water or some OJ.

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    red fusion and a couple of grilled steak tacos keep my gears turning
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    I don't like to eat while I program, but I like to drink Mountain Dew.
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    I either drink soda and water (which I actually have to start drinking more of again)...and chew gum, maybe eat whatever snack food, but I have to say, I haven't had a full meal while programming. I program mostly at school, so water and gum, but when I program at home, the above stated.

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    SQEEZE-ITS are the best programming drinks, snapples come in 2nd. NOT the the TEA kind they are the worst.
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    Originally posted by sean345
    I don't like to eat while I program, but I like to drink Mountain Dew.
    I'm the EXACT same way. I get a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, and I'm good to go.
    - Dean

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    i usually have sugar water.. or sprite, if we have it.. if it's late at night, i'll have hot tea, and early morning i'll have coffee. i'll sometimes have snacks or something, but i generally eat away from the computer (usually just to get away from the computer )
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    Uhh well I'm really lazy and spend very little time programming... (I smoke way too much pot), but when I do it's usually water, or some random can of soda. Sobe is AWESOME too, but it's not something I have every day. (although I would if I could)

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    Originally posted by Polymorphic OOP
    I like Bawls
    That's not programmer juice! Bawls is gamer juice!

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    Man i didn't expect many replies! I'm suprised at how many people share my mountain dew and taco bell schedule! Its gotta be red mountain dew, i agree with that. As far as shaking out the keyboard, i hear that lol.

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    Cheez-its are the best progging snack for me.

    as far as drinks go... it's just whatever i'm hoooked on at the moment, be it coke, milk, water, or OJ.

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    I usually try to drink something that will keep me awake like cola or apple juice. I prefer Mountain Dew above all other sodas. There was a time recently when I tried drinking mainly water because it's supposed to be so good for the body, but that just didn't keep me awake.

    I eat whatever's around; I'm not picky. Anything from Ramen Noodles to cookies to popcorn so long as it's not at all nutritious Ya know, it's weird—I thought programming would be the sort of thing that might make me gain weight. This summer, I worked really hard to lose weight; I mountain biked about every other day. Now, after coming home from school, I spend a very substantial amount of time in front of my computer; yet, I have experienced no substantial weight gain. Only a few pounds which is to be expected during the winter after the holidays—nothing I can't burn off come volleyball season. Have anyone else experienced similar or different results?

    And, of course, no food or drinks in the programming lab at school

    "The computer programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is responsible. Universes of virtually unlimited complexity can be created in the form of computer programs." -- Joseph Weizenbaum.

    "If you cannot grok the overall structure of a program while taking a shower, you are not ready to code it." -- Richard Pattis.

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