What is your favourite movie?

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    What is your favourite movie?

    What is/are your favourite movie(s)? And why it is your favourite?

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    Hard to say, but here are some great movies:

    Körkarlen (1921) = The phantom chariot
    Det sjunde inseglet (1957) = The seventh seal
    Il Buono, il brutto, il cattivo (1966) = The good, the bad, the ugly
    The Shining (1980)
    Das Boot (1981)
    Terminator 2: Judgement day (1991)
    Pulp fiction (1994)
    American history X (1998)
    Fight Club (1999)
    Memento (2000)
    Shrek (2001)
    The Others (2001)
    The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

    I have a book and movie log here:
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    Return of the Living Dead
    My Fair Lady
    Maltese Falcon
    Godfather trilogy
    Decline Of Western Civilization (1st one)
    The Shining
    A Night At The Opera
    A River Runs Through It
    The Man Who Would Be King
    Desperate Living
    Behind The Green Door
    North By Northwest
    The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Best Of Show
    The Quiet Man
    Singing In The Rain
    Schindler's List
    Manchurian Candidate

    Lots more I can't think of offhand, or remember the titles, anyway. They're all good movies, and unique, not cookie cutter crap. Or, at least cheezy enough to know it if they are. I've got to comment on S-D's choice of Seventh Seal, though. I had to watch that in class, and a more depressingly boring movie probably can't be made. A completely incomprehensible movie is 8 1/2.
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    Super Hornio Brothers 2 - Let's Boink

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    I lurk
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    Das Boot
    Saving Private Ryan

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    There's no way I could possibly remember/list all of my favorite movies so I'll list a few.

    American History X
    Dumb and Dumber
    American Pie 2
    American Beauty
    Happy Gilmore
    Lord of the Rings: 2
    The Animal
    Saving Private Ryan
    The Matrix

    Those are just some of the movies that I think are really cool. As you can tell most of them aren't exactly "high quality" movies, except for a few of them.

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    I think it is very difficult to pick one favourite movie..

    Shawshank Redemption
    A Christamas Story (I think thats the name, its from the early 80s)
    Behind Enemy Lines
    Fight Club

    there are more, just cant think of the names now..

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    Nightmare Before Christmas.
    Mars Attacks.
    Edward Scissorhands.
    American History X. (Seems like there're a lot of people who like it)
    Requiem For A Dream.
    Toy Story.
    The Lion King.

    More Recently:
    Gangs of New York.

    Tim Burton's my favorite...
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    Nightmare Before Christmas.
    Mars Attacks.
    Edward Scissorhands.

    Tim Burton's my favorite...
    I do too, the first one (NBC) was cool, but I didnt think much of your other 2 selections.......I prefered Sleepy Hollow......oh and Ed Wood was cool too

    As for good films;

    Star Wars Saga
    Raging Bull (Excellent film)
    LOTR (Fellowship & Towers were unbeatable IMO)
    Akira (dunno....cant get it out of my mind right now)
    Godfather I & II (not III)
    True Romance

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    Shawshank Redemption
    Few Good Men
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    LOTR (both so far)
    Toy Story
    American Beauty
    Truman Show
    Sixth Sense

    Errr... these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head!

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    'the sixth sense' figures in nobody's list !!! oh, well ! ...

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    Boondock Saints
    Dune/Dune 2000
    Strange Brew
    "The Man" (student directed comedy)
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    Without further ado, here they are:
    A Beautiful Mind and Good Will Hunting because I like movies about math geniuses
    Forrest Gump and Mr. Holland's Opus because I really like how they trace a man's life through several decades.

    I can somewhat understand why someone wouldn't like The Seventh Seal. It's not a movie for everybody, but I wouldn't call it a bad movie. It had great acting and cinematography. The plot was really deep, too, which is why you and I have been made to watch it in school. I actually liked it. It would've been better if it didn't have white subtitles. I couldn't read them half the time

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    I liked Seventh Seal, that was actually a really good movie. Watch it in school, though? Seems like an odd movie to show in school...

    Super Hornio Brothers on the other hand, that's a school movie

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    Apocalypse Now is most certainly my favorite movie. I love that movie.

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