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    Wink Take a look at this, mate.

    Today I got back from my school camp today and I am so tired that it isn't funny! It went from monday to friday and we were camping along the Collo River (near Richmond, NSW, Australia). In the mornings it would be so cold that your tent (which was shared with one other) would be frozen, the grass was frozen to the point that you could snap it, and your hands were frozen, aswell. All walking was done with a 7 kilo pack on our backs. Here's what happened each day...

    Monday: Arrived at Camp Somerset at 9:30am after a 2.25hr drive by coach from school. We set took out what we wanted from the bag that we took to camp and packed into the provided rucksack (backpack) along with out tent and sleeping bag. We bush walked for 3 to 4 hours to our campsite. We were shown how to set up our tents on arrival and did so. We organised our tents and started up the campfire. At around 8:00pm we had our dinner which consisted of a meat and vegetable stew and washed up. We sat around the campfire and went to bed at around 10:00pm.

    Tuesday: We got up at around 7:00am and had to pack away our tents and sleeping bags in the freezing cold! It wasn't as bad as some days at the camp, but it was pretty damn cold! We were told not to start a fire becuase we were to be leaving very soon. We quickly ate breakfast of creal, toast and fruit, washed up and we were ready to take the bushwalk to the next camp site. We waled for about 2 hours to the rock-climbing site. To get to the rock-climbing site, it took 45 minutes without our packs up a small mountain which was on an extremely steep angle. So steep that I also died of lack of stamina or falling off! We finally made it to the top, only to do some serious rock climbing for about 2 hours. We travelled down to the bottom of the hill without (somehow) killing ourlselves. We had lunch (crap rabbit-food) and obtained our mountain-bikes. We rode 14 kilometres to our next camp site which took forever. We quickly set up camp and tried to tip some cows (hence, cow-tipping) with no success. We had more stew around the fire of this different camp-site and went to bed around 9:00am.

    Wednesday: I have to say that this was the worst day of them all. When I had to get up at 6:00am, my hands were literally numb. I could not feel them at all. In this state, it took me 2 hours to take down my tent and pack my rucksack. It took me around 20 minutes to defrost my hands over the fire after that. I quicly had breakfast and we were ready to go canoeing. This is the part that I thought would be the best, but I was EXTREMELLY wrong! We packed our bags into the trailer to be taken up the river for us so we could go. The instructor showed us how to paddle and everything then we got into the water with our partner (it was 2 people to a canoe) and the water was so cold that it could freeze your foot into 5 seconds flat! It took 6 hours to paddle up-stream up the river and we were starved to death and so tired we were about to collapse by the time we were back and took our canoes up the hill. We walked about 5 minutes down the road to get our original bags and off-load anything we didn't need for the rest of the week. That was a relief. We were driven to a point in the bush and bush-walked from there with our lighter packs back to the camp-site we were at on the Monday. We did the usual with everything except we were given our cookers and food for the rest of the week and had to cook our dinner that night.

    Thursday: This was the toughest day of all. We did an all day walk up a very large mountain. We walked up 383 metres over 5 hours and then down 383 metres over 1 hour. The drop was so dangerous that we were all in serious danger, but we made it safe and walked to the next camp-site. This camp-site was cool becuase we had walk 200metres from the camp-site to get our water from the river that we canoed in! This is what happened when we tried to get water from there at 8:00pm: Me, Pat, Moose and Tom were walking down to get some water. We were about a third way down to the river when I said "What was that noise?" We all looked at eachother and ran back to camp shouting and screaming back to the camp-fire. We tried again 5 minutes later with more people and got about half-way down to the river and I heard another noise and looked at moose. He said "You heard it too!". And the noise happened again. We decided to make it to the river without anybody bolting or anything. We filled our water bottles and started to got back to camp. We got about hal-way back when the front people started to go faster and faster. We tried to make them stop but it all ended with us all screaming and shouting and running back to camp. We went to bed with dreams of a soft pillow and good meal at home.

    Friday: In short, (my fingers are tired and i'm lazy) we got up and we walked half and hour to base camp and we got a great lunch of hotdogs, swapped over our stuff and got home at 3:30.

    Overall I think it was pretty good ut i'm bloody glad to get out of that year 9 camp horror!

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    /me remembers that it's winter down under.

    ohh, n/m.
    hello, internet!

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    Originally posted by moi

    /me remembers that it's winter down under.

    ohh, n/m.
    Sorry, forgot to mention that...

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