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    I don't have any clue what my first thread was.

    My first thread was back when the OLD OLD Cboard was around...back in the ancient days, haha.

    Knowing I was a newb at the was probably something about arrays, cout, matrixes, or pointers.
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    Dude, why hasn't anybody mentioned viewing your profile (or someone else's), and then clicking "find all threads started by this user"? Just navigate to the last page, and you can see what their first post was:


    - Salem's
    - Prelude's
    - Sly's

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    Because as stated, those are incorrect for many members because they've been here since before vBulletin. For instance, Salem's and Prelude's. However, I do believe someone mentioned it in the first post topic I made a while back.

    As for my first post... humorous terminology aside, at least I analyzed my problem correctly. I just needed to get the right syntax. I'm pretty sure I posted that literally the day I started programming.
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    Sly, you didn't use code tags in that post. For shame.
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    I don't know what in the world I was thinking. But it's crazy.

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    My first post was about STL. I didn't know STL back then because my basic was C not C++. Now I use it all the time.

    IMHO, this board helped me alot. More than what a book can over. I do agree with the people saying the author of the books seems to get over the reader's head in explaining themself. I got more confused reading them books.

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    I remember starting a thread about Tim McVeigh's execution.
    That's the only thing I can remember about pre-this board.
    Wait. I also remember asking what typedef meant.

    I haven't really applied myself programming-wise since way back
    then. Hehe.

    Jeez. I've known some of you guys, like, 6 years or so. Man.
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    I don't remember my first post but it certainly was something stupid (and with a lot of exclamation marks).
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